Copenhagen,  2014

Copenhagen,  2014


The shoot with Solsikke & Alexander is a very special one. Little did Karen know that Solsikke was in fact one month pregnant with their first baby at the time. Here they tell us more about that magical day…

’We met up with Karen in Christiania, Copenhagen. Solsikke was born and raised there and her parents still live in that exact same house. Karen asked us if we had any special locations that we wanted to shoot, so we went for a walk and ended up at one of the many spectacular sights that Christiania has to offer.

Since Karen is befriended with one our friends in Copenhagen, the chemistry was already there really, so getting butt-naked was not an issue at all. But it is always nice to have some sort of connection with the person behind the camera in situations like that. The pictures turned out exactly how they should; honest, yet with a little secret I think you can sense somehow.



At the time the pictures were shot, Solsikke was one month pregnant. I guess we felt very comfortable and decided to wear, well, nothing. Stating the obvious, a pregnancy is probably the time of your life where your body undergoes the most rapid transformation you will ever experience in your life, knowing that made it all the more special.

The pictures resemble our relationship and what we love about each other. We are still having a great time together, we love each other for who we are and are living a great live with just the three of us.Maybe the four of us in a not too distant future…