Amsterdam, 2017 

Amsterdam, 2017 


Michael and Sabina met each other at the tender age of thirteen and fell in love instantly. Their puppy love developed into a great love, not to mention, Michael stole Sabina’s first kiss and after eight years of love they couldn’t think of a life without each other.

 What do you do?
Sabina: I am the production/development/buying coordinator at Buro Tinto, a textile buying-production office.
Michael: I'm right in the middle of my Master’s degree, studying Econometrics in Amsterdam and I've been 'working' as a DJ for 8 years now. Besides this I'm producing new music again after a break. I love collecting music from all genres, especially jazz, hip hop/trip hop and house from the 90s.

How and where did you meet each other?
Sabina: The first time I laid eyes on Michael was when I was 13. Those blue eyes got to me immediately. We met through a mutual friend who introduced us and since then I have never let him out of my sight. We have been together now for 8 years, not to mention that Michael gave me my very first kiss.

‘She was the most mysterious girl I could possibly meet; a disturbingly sexy, beautiful, mystical but magical unsolved puzzle radiating a sense of interest and magnetism.’

At what moment did you know you were in love?
Michael: The first signs of what I define love subconsciously arose the moment we first met (cliché, but rather true). The moment I knew I was dangerously in love started when we became friends. She was the most mysterious girl I could possibly meet; a disturbingly sexy, beautiful, mystical but magical unsolved puzzle radiating a sense of interest and magnetism. And yes, it took me years to kiss her for the first time.



Do you have a special place, or a place you call a “second home” where the two of you like to hang out and retreat to?
Michael: Tuscany, Italy. To be honest, we've only been here once, but we both knew this was the place we wanted to come back every year, there are a few specific hotels in the hills of Chianti we felt right at home at. We both love the Italian way of life; the food (!!), nature and untroubled lifestyle. The people take precious time for each other and appreciate what's important. That's why we've made plans to go back this summer.

 Describe each other in 4 words.
Sabina: Sympathetic, open-minded, unique, enchanting.
Michael: Seductive, eyeful, affectionate, swag.

Do you have pet names for each other? If so, we’d love to know them.
Michael: Tropical Surprise

 Who is your partner’s Hollywood dream date?
Sabina: Definitely Scarlett Johansson
Michael: She wants me to meet Scarlett Johansson I suppose. So, a date with the three of us would be nice.

‘We complement each other with our characteristics, which bring our relationship to that next level.’

 Which character trait of the other are you jealous of?
Sabina: He has an incredible way with words. Also his motivation to always make everything perfect is worth mentioning.
Michael: Her extreme devotion, loyalty and affection in its purest form for others, especially friends and family, anywhere at any time.

 What would you do if you win the lottery tomorrow?
Sabina: Buy a one-way ticket to the sun. Maybe buy a landscape in Tuscany and build our dream house.
Michael: I will take her to Japan right away (one-way ticket) and eat at Sukiyabashi Jiro for at least a month in a row (lunch + dinner), maybe go for a ski in the Japanese Alps (depends on our mood). Afterwards, we will hop islands in French Polynesia; Moorea, Fiji, Bora Bora, you name it. Simultaneously, we'll buy a (giant) villa in the siren hills of Chianti, with a popcorn button next to her side of the (king-size) bed, a golden bath in the middle of the (large, authentic wooden floor) bedroom (view over hills). We'll have our own wine from our very own vineyard and our own Italian chef (old lovely woman) who cooks for all our friends and family who come over every weekend (dinner at dusk). During the week we will cook ourselves. This is just a rough sketch of our first two months by the way…



Which Disney character would your partner be?
Michael: That would definitely be a mix of Pocahontas and Princess Jasmine. Sleeping Beauty also fits quite well since the sleeping part of the name sounds a little too familiar; and so does the beauty part of course.

Has your relationship changed you as people? In other words, do you think your partner has a (positive) effect on you? Sabina: We live very different lives, but yet are so connected. We complement each other with our characteristics, which bring our relationship to the next level.

Describe your ideal Saturday evening together
Michael: Sushi at our favourite, tiny, traditional Japanese restaurant in Amsterdam South (hidden treasure), drink Pornstar Martini + Espresso Martini cocktails at Woo Bros and go see a movie afterwards.

Do you have a favourite song together? If so, what is it?
Roy Ayers - Everybody Loves The Sunshine