Berlin,  2017

Berlin,  2017


Karen met this terrific couple in Berlin and was simply enchanted by the genuine love she encountered. Rayene & Karlotta met at the tender age of 15 and fell head over heels in love. They now share an apartment in Berlin and are working on their future as we speak…

What do you do?
Both: We just finished school and are planning to start studying in The Netherlands this fall, and we are pretty excited about that.

When did you know you were in love?
Both: We did not really have THAT moment; it was more like a fluent transformation from friendship to relationship.

How would you describe each other in four words?
Rayene: Beautiful, cute, innocent and adorable.
Karlotta: Smart, gentle, loving and caring.

‘’She has this calming effect on me, like the flowing stream of a creek.’’

What is the most annoying thing about your boy- or girlfriend?
Rayene: She is not a morning person…
Karlotta: Neither is he! 

What is your craziest, most hilarious memory of you as a couple?
Rayene: When we started dating we went to the East Side Gallery to hang out there, but then it started raining and Karlotta thought it would be so very romantic to kiss in the rain. In the end, we were totally soaked and we realized that kissing in the rain is not that romantic at all. So we went home and had hot chocolate, which actually made the date really romantic.

Which element fits your partner best and why?
Rayene: She would be water because she has this calming effect on me, like the flowing stream of a creek.
Karlotta: He would be air, simply because I know he is always with me, even when we are separated – it’s cheesy, I know...

What would you do if you won the lottery tomorrow?
Rayene: First off we would party here in Berlin for a good amount of time and then we would travel around the world to party there.
Karlotta: Maybe I could convince Rayene to save some of the money as well…

Has your relationship changed you as people? In other words, do you think your partner has a (positive) effect on you? If so, can you elaborate on what specifically?
Karlotta: Yes, Rayene has definitely changed my personality, as we have been together since we are 15 and there is a lot of personal development going on when you are at that age. I think we make this amazing couple because we are building each other up and make each other better every day.

What is your definition of love?
Both: In our opinion it is quite hard to define love in words, as for us it is mostly about this deep trust we have for each other and the fact that both of us know that we can always count on our partner, no matter what.

If you could go back in time and take your partner on a first date again, what would you do differently?
Karlotta: I would not bring a friend to my first date. I’m pretty ashamed to admit this, but I was only 15 at the time and my self-esteem was so low at the time that I could not imagine that a guy could actually be interested in me. Now I realize that this was totally unnecessary and that I almost ruined our date by bringing a friend.