Amsterdam, 2017

Amsterdam, 2017


These young lovers have a shared passion for dancing. We can easily say that they dance trough life together, enjoying each step along the way. Like a real team, they encourage each other to get the best out of themselves. What’s not to love about these sweethearts…

What was your first impression of your partner?
Moises: That she is intense but calm at the same time.
Sadryone: I first met him at a dance audition in Amsterdam. I was afraid he wouldn’t be interested in me, as he is such a handsome guy.

At what moment did you know you were in love?
Moises: Since the first time we talked, I knew I wanted to be with her.
Sadryone: I surprised him at Valentine’s Day. His face, when he saw me, made my heart melt.

How would you describe each other in four words?
Moises: Cheerful, modest, extravert, determined.
Sadryone: Four words are not enough. He has this big heart and he is creative, dominant and so super attractive.

What is the most annoying thing about your boy- or girlfriend?
Moises: Listen selectively…
Sadryone: He wants to finish his whole story before I can say something. So, most of the time I already forgot what I wanted to say or ask in the first place.

‘’There are so many moments I am proud of her, but my words will never be able to describe it the way I feel.’’

What is the most hilarious memory of you as a couple?
Sadryone: We love to go out for dinner and this one particular time we went for sushi. Moises has a very big appetite so he ordered loads. We weren’t able to eat all of it, but we didn’t want to pay extra. So, in the end we ate all of it and left the restaurant as two stuffed penguins…

Are you able to share everything with each other? Or do you have topics you rather avoid?
Moises: Avoiding things now, will lead to regret later. We try to talk about everything that is on our mind.



Has your relationship changed you as people?
Moises: I experience more peace now, so that is absolutely a good thing.
Sadryone: Absolutely. I find it easier to say what I think and to stand up for myself. Moises made me grow as a woman and made me accept my natural afro hair. Besides, I now can see how much I achieved by myself.

What is your definition of love?
Sadryone: Eating together of one plate.

If you could go back in time and take your partner on a first date again, what would you do differently?
Both: We wouldn’t change a thing as it went exactly as it should with lots of sparkles between the two of us.

When was the last time you were extremely proud of your partner?
Moises: There are so many moments I am proud of her, but my words will never be able to describe it the way I feel.
Sadryone: When I saw him dancing at ‘Ladies of Soul’ in the Ziggodome in Amsterdam. I have had seen many video’s of him dancing, but seeing it in real life was a whole new experience.

Do you have a favourite song together? If so, what is it?
Moises: Ultimate Kaos - Casanova