Amsterdam, 2017

Amsterdam, 2017


The story of Michelle & Laurens started at a beach party, which effectively became a metaphor for their entire relationship, as they tend to make a celebration out of every day together. Thus it may come to no surprise that ‘laughing until your stomach hurts’ is one of their core secrets to keeping that spark. It is hard not the be jealous of the kind of love and relationship they have for each other…

When did you know you were in love?
Michelle: We met in the summer, but actually started dating around Christmas. Unfortunately, soon after our first few dates Laurens had to go to America for a month. We had a lot of contact whilst he was there and every time I heard his voice or saw his sweet face my heart skipped a beat.
Laurens: Being so super happy every time we talked (during my time in America), I realized this was something special and that I couldn’t let this girl go.

 How would you describe each other in four words?
Michelle: Sweet, caring, loyal and disciplined.
Laurens: Social, funny, sweet and caring.

''She is super sweet, but on the other hand she can be very clumsy sometimes. Just adorable to look at!''

What is the most annoying thing about your boy- or girlfriend?
Michelle: He actually doesn’t have anything annoying about him to be honest. Although, sometimes when he is tired he drinks too much Red Bull, which makes him hyper and annoying indeed.
Laurens: She can be stubborn, which can be cute… sometimes.

 What is your craziest, most hilarious memory of you as a couple?
Michelle: Lau always has this struggle with the word ‘boozing’, he simply cannot pronounce it right. Every time he uses the word, we start laughing.
Laurens: We have a lot of funny memories actually, but not too long ago we walked through the city when, out of the blue, Michelle burped so loud that she was actually shocked herself.



Which character trait of the other are you jealous of?
Laurens: She has this really dry sense of humour, which I am seriously jealous of. It is amazing.

Which Disney character would your partner be?
Michelle: Peter Pan, as he cares so much about the happiness of his friends and family. Peter Pan is heroic and courageous, just like Laurens. He makes me feel safe…
Laurens: Goofy! She is super sweet, but on the other hand she can be very clumsy sometimes. Just adorable to look at!

 Has your relationship changed you as people?
Michelle: He has a really positive effect on me. Someone recently noted that since I am with Lau I am so nonchalant (in a positive way) and happy, which sums it up exactly. Also, we quit smoking together.
Laurens: Absolutely! She has re-opened my eyes in terms of love.

What is your definition of love?
Michelle: Laughing until your stomach hurts, being open about everything, to love each other and grow old together.