Amsterdam, 2014

Amsterdam, 2014


Marieke & Onur have been a couple for almost ten years. Despite their different characters, they have a harmonious love for each other; they complete each other. Here they tell us more about their lives together.

‘’The shoot with Karen is almost three years ago, but I can remember it very well. It was quite exciting for Onur, as it was his first shoot and, as you can see, it was a very intimate one. However, Karen had such good energy and a relaxed manner about her, it prevented any possible awkward moments. She let us do our own thing, which lead to a shoot that felt utmost natural. We have the pictures hanging above our bed…it really is such a lovely memory for the both of us.

In a few months we will have been together for ten years, which more often than not is greeted with a kind of shock by people. Saying that, our relationship really doesn’t feel so long. Time simply flies by when you’re having fun!


Onur and I are actually real opposites, but that makes it all the more fun. He can overthink a lot and is also really self-controlled, whilst I am actually quite hyper and always speak before I think. Our backgrounds are also pretty different. Onur has a Turkish – Islamic background, while I am non-religious and my upbringing was open and without much constraints. Despite all our differences, we are an amazing match.

I am studying communication sciences and Onur will graduate as a doctor in two years. Eventually we hope to get married and buy a house with a big yard for all the dogs we’ll have by then (and goats, but I still need to convince Onur about that). But for now we live happily together with our sweet little doggie, Benji.‘’