Amsterdam, 2015

Amsterdam, 2015


Karen first met this lovely couple a few years ago. Since then, their puppy love has evolved into a serious relationship where they are still able to put a smile on each other’s face - each and every day. Here they tell us more about their lives together…

‘’A lot has changed since Karen photographed us back in 2014. At that time we were both still in high school, figuring out what having a serious relationship actually meant. Now, almost three years later, Linde is a full-time model thinking about studying Media & Information in September. I am a Public Administration student in Utrecht.

Linde was, given her experience with modelling, acting quite natural in front of the camera and Karen. I, on the contrary, was only used to taking awkward smiling pictures. Therefore, it was a bit of a challenge for Karen to get us to pose as a natural couple. Nonetheless, the outcome of the shoot made us super happy. Whenever we are looking back at that day it brings a big smile on our faces.

Linde and I have learned plenty from each other the last couple of years. It wasn't always easy, especially since we have always lived quite far away from each other. But we succeeded in developing ourselves whilst still improving our relationship. Our relationship is better than we ever could have imagined. We still make each other smile every day and I couldn't be more thankful for that.’’ - Sebastian