Amsterdam, 2017

Amsterdam, 2017


The love story of these sweethearts started with a swipe to the right. At their first date, they already developed a strong connection - which has been growing ever since. They now live together and try to make every day a celebration, no matter if that is on the couch in their pyjamas or all dressed up at a party…

Where does this love story start?
Lara: We got to know each other through Tinder; soon after our ‘match’ we had our first date along side the canals of Amsterdam.

What was your first impression of your partner?
Rein: A beautiful and mysterious appearance.
Lara: Wow, he is so tall, he has beautiful hair and such a sweet face.

At what moment did you know you were in love?
Rein: I found myself thinking of her all the time and I wanted to be with her every moment of the day.
Lara: When we first kissed I immediately knew that it was good. After our second date I already felt myself falling in love with him.

How would you describe each other in four words?
Rein: Caring, beautiful, funny and strong.
Lara: Smart, handsome, helpful and funny.

‘I hadn’t expected to find someone who continues to fascinate and surprise me like she does.’

What is the most annoying thing about your partner?
Rein: That she always just realizes she forgot her travelling card when she is already on her way.
Lara: He always wants everything cleaned up and I am quite messy, so that clashes sometimes…

What is the craziest, most hilarious memory of you as a couple?
Rein: Our four nights in Berlin around New Year’s Eve. The first two nights we went to the craziest clubs and had the time of our lives. The days after that we laid in bed with the most awful flu. Luckily, we had each other, and some sweet friends in the neighbourhood who brought us medicine.



For what in your life do you feel most grateful?
Rein: I hadn’t expected to find someone who continues to fascinate and surprise me like she does.

Which character trait of the other are you jealous of?
Rein: Her limitless empathy.
Lara: Rein is a go-getter, he finishes his school the way he planned it and he achieves his goals. That is not something that I find easy to do myself, so I would love to be more like that.

Are you able to share everything with each other? Or do you have topics you rather avoid?
Rein: I rather not share my long boxer shorts, however she doesn’t care.

Has your relationship changed you as people?
Rein: Yes, Lara helped be become more caring, helpful and less judging.
Lara: Rein showed me to work hard for things and to not quit when something doesn’t work out at once.

What is your definition of love?
Rein: Waking up every morning next to her and feel better than the day before because of that.
Lara: Being kind to one another and helping each other getting the best out of themselves.

Describe your ideal Saturday evening together, or depending on preference, your ideal Sunday morning.
Both: Lots of different snacks, special beers and watching bad television shows on the sofa in our pyjamas. Or we would go to a good party and dance until the early morning.

When was the last time you were extremely proud of your partner?
Rein: She is learning to not let her fears come in the way of being curious and daring. Every time she does that I am so proud of her.
Lara: When he received his MA diploma, he talked so smoothly when on stage. I was also super proud when we were in Paris and he was performing.

Do you have a favourite song together? If so, what is it?
Rein: Furfriend – Shepherd
Lara: Penguin Cafe – Vega.