Ransdorp , 2015

Ransdorp , 2015


Lovebirds Koosje & Frerik have been together for five years now and are still madly in love with eachother. Here they tell us more about the special shoot with Karen two years ago. 

''The shoot with Karen was so relaxed! We took the photographs in the car of Frerik’s dad, a charismatic, old French van. We parked it in Ransdorp, where the parents of Frerik live, right in the middle of a lovely, Dutch landscape. It just felt like a film scene in which a young couple is secretly kissing in the middle of nowhere. It felt incredibly romantic.'' - Koosje

''Frerik and I have been together for five years and we are still so in love! The selection of photographs Karen took also feels so very suitable to our relationship and the way we are. We love being outside and fell in love at a young age. Now we live together in Edam, next to my parents. I believe the strength of our love is that we both live our own lives, love each other and let each other be. We love spending time together but we also have our own passions. Besides that, and regardless of how much of a cliché it might be, we are also best friends!'' - Koosje

'In just two weeks he made our house go from just another house into the house of our dreams.'

''Frerik is a very caring person, he sees everything. When someone he cares about is going through a rough time, he will be the first to show up on his doorsteps with bitterballen! He is also really good with children and is genuinely interested in everyone he cares about, which makes him a simply fantastic person. 

Aside from being wonderful and to top it all off, Frerik also can do everything! In just two weeks he made our house go from just another house into the house of our dreams.'' - Koosje



''Koos and I both have a passion where work really hard for, every day. That is something that I really enjoy about the two of us. Since we live together we have this nice place where we can get to rest and enjoy time with eachother. At the time our photo’s were taken by Karen, we were already together for three years. But at that time it was quite difficult sometimes, because when we were together there were always people around us. When we thought we could spent some time together we also had to join family dinner for example. So I am really happy that we have our own place now and that when we are home we can enjoy spending time together. I am really proud of my relationship with Koosje, we have been trough so much already while we are still young. I think there are a lot of people that after spending a whole life together don’t know as much of eachother as we do. I love her!'' - Frerik