Amsterdam, 2014

Amsterdam, 2014


One of the most prominent couples of Young Love are Stasja & Itai. Here they remember the very special shoot with Karen for us.

"I remember Karen arrived with her jeep at our student apartment complex in West. She brought a lot of energy with her. I wore a Led Zeppelin sweater with a denim jacket. I like that sweater because of the psychedelic icon's on it. I also liked the dress Stasja wore, she bought it at the vintage store where I used to work in Nijmegen. The dress is also a big reason why my favorite picture (of this shoot) is my favorite picture. The dress is waving around whilst I danced with her. I think the dress really made the picture." - Itai

'She's smart and a little bit crazy.'

"What I love about Stasja is that she knows what she's doing, and if she's doing something, she's doing it very, very well. She's just smart and a little bit crazy. She can cook the best food. For me and all my friends and family - I make the best breakfast though...
Above all, we're a team. That's why we're still together after 4 years being young, living together since we met, drinking, Amsterdam nightlife, go out twice a week for dinner, crying, sleep overs, work, studying, crafting, buy clothes and being broke." - Itai 

"At the time the photos were taken, Itai and I were together for just a few months. It was quite exciting, since it was at an early stage of our relationship. We're still together, for almost four years now, but the shoot seems like it happened yesterday. I remember Karen coming into our tiny studio, where we had only lived for months. Just 23 square meters for the two of us. Most of the times, we hung out at the pier where we also had our first date..." - Stasja

'The studios were broken down and moved, I'm glad our memories are in the photos.'

"Every time I see Karen, she reminds me of the huge photo of us hanging above her couch. The black and white one, where Itai spins me around. It makes me proud. Itai's positivity is what's drawn me to him. He sees beauty in everyone, no matter who you are. Some people might take advantage of this, but most of the time he sees right trough it". - Stasja 

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