Amsterdam, 2017 

Amsterdam, 2017 


Young Lovers Isabelle & Jitse met through mutual friends in a bar. After losing sight of their friends they ended up having to pass some time together, which effectively was the best thing that could have happened to both of them. Fast forward, and they have been together for more than three years now and already know what their ‘First Dance’-song will be someday…

What do you do?
Isabelle: I study Communication and Multimedia Design in Amsterdam and Jitse studies Art and Economics in Utrecht.

 How and where did you meet each other?
Both: we met through mutual friends on a night out. We were hopping from bar to bar and on our way to another bar we lost our friends and had to pass some time together. We ended up drinking beer and having long conversations about life. When we finally found our friends again, it felt like we became best friends in such a short time. It wasn’t love at first sight though; it took us a good couple of months to meet again.

‘I knew how great we would be as a couple. Since then I couldn’t get her out of my head’

At what moment did you know you were in love?
Jitse: when we did meet again a few months later, I realised how much of a connection we had and I knew how great we would be as a couple. Since that moment I couldn’t get her out of my head.

Do you have a special place, or a place you call a “second home” where the two of you like to hang out and retreat to?
Both: our hometown Maastricht is definitely our home away from home; it’s where it all started.

 How would you describe each other in four words?
Jitse: Isabelle is strong, creative, independent and caring.
Isabelle: I would describe Jitse as ambitious, honest, outgoing and loving.

Jitse & Isabelle


Do you have pet names for each other? If so, we’d love to know them.
Both: we call each other ‘druif’, roughly translated it would be ‘grape’. It actually doesn’t make any sense; we don’t have an explanation for it. It also ranges from ‘druifie’ to ‘droifie’ to ‘dikke druif’ and so on... 

What is the most annoying thing about your boy- or girlfriend?
Jitse: she struggles to step out of her comfort zone to try new things. Even though I keep telling her that it will drastically change her world and mind-set in a positive way.
Isabelle: for me it’s the other way around. Jitse is always on full speed and never seems to slow down. That sometimes results in frustration. But in the end we learned to help each other with those things. He pulls me out of my comfort zone and I try to give him some peace of mind.

What is your craziest, most hilarious memory of you as a couple?
Isabelle: one of my personal favourites is when we went back home from a festival on NDSM, which is in Amsterdam-North; so we had to take the ferry to Central Station. And of course we had had a few beers, which might be the cause of this funny story… So, we were standing together with our group of friends on the ferry and all of a sudden, Jitse –who was standing right next to me- walked up to a woman who was standing in front of us. He wrapped his arms around her and started whispering something in her ear. She probably was too shocked to respond, so it took a while for Jitse to realise he was holding the wrong girlfriend! I actually had to tell him to stop hugging that woman, he must have felt so embarrassed… I however, never laughed so hard in my life.

Jitse: on that same day actually, we also had to take the tram to get to that festival. Isabelle however, was not really used to taking the tram. So when the tram arrived I had a little jog to the front to get in. But Isabelle didn’t realise you can’t use the doors in the middle of the tram. Long story short: I was in the tram looking for Isabelle and Isabelle was looking for me at the station. This also took us a while (and a phone call) to realise.

 Who is your partner’s Hollywood dream date?
Jitse: just for the looks, it would be a mix between Jason Segel and Ryan Reynolds. If I had to choose someone to make her cry from laughter, I would definitely go for Alan (Zach Galifianakis) who plays in The Hangover.
Isabelle: Margot Robbie, no doubt. 


Which character trait of the other are you jealous of?
Jitse: I am someone who always has a hundred things on his mind. Isabelle however is able to live in the moment, which I wish I could also do more often.
Isabelle: the way he follows his aspirations, he does it with such ease. You would almost wonder what’s so scary about getting out of your comfort zone…

‘He motivates me to get out of my safe bubble’

What would you do if you win the lottery tomorrow?
Both: we would buy a house in Amsterdam, New York and Ibiza. Then get married in the Maldives and for our honeymoon we would travel around the world. Of course we would bring our friends and family with us.

 What is your definition of love?
Both: to us it is being able to grow as individuals, as that is such an important part of being a young adult. Getting to know yourself and creating your own opinions and views. Doing this together but by ourselves, shows just how much we love each other.

Describe your ideal Saturday evening together, or depending on preference, your ideal Sunday morning!
Both: our perfect Sunday morning starts with a little jog around the Sarphatipark and making some banana pancakes with blueberries afterwards; then binge-watch Californication for the rest of the day.

 If you could go back in time and take your partner on a first date again, what would you do differently?
Both: actually having one would be perfect.

 Do you have a favourite song together? If so, what is it?
The Beach Boys – Wouldn’t it be nice.
When Isabelle’s dad married two years ago, they played this song. It is one of Isabelle’s all time favourites, so we decided it would be our ‘first dance’-song someday.