Amsterdam, 2014

Amsterdam, 2014


Karen captured the passionate love of these two beautiful lovers, who had just started dating when they got photographed for Young Love. Here they tell us more about the shoot and how their love has grown.

It has been nearly three years that we shot with Karen, but we remember it like it was yesterday. At the time of the shoot we only had been together for about a month, so you can image the puppy love and fun we experienced during the shoot. Time flew by as it did not feel like we were working, at all… the feeling (during the shoot) came closer to that of a date then actual work. 

We are still very much in love and besides lovers we are also best friends. Our lives are pretty intertwined, as we have many friends in common and share lots of similar interests, which feels like an organic development for us. Some days we have study dates in the library, other days we are going out with friends or eat cookie dough ice cream in bed. Currently Isabel lives in London for 6 months and I am writing my master thesis in Amsterdam. Although there is this little distance between us for now, we can’t wait to spend the summer together. Life together is simply better!