Amsterdam, 2017

Amsterdam, 2017


Sweethearts Emma & Lenny have been together for over a year. Their romance started by secretly sneaking around and exchanging kisses behind every corner without anyone knowing. However, at some point they couldn’t hold their secret to themselves any longer and made it official. Here they tell us more about their dynamic relationship…

What do you do?
Both: We really enjoy life to the fullest. If we don’t have any obligations we tend to go out to do something fun; going out with friends, partying, having dinner... Nothing makes us happier than the sheer simplicity of great food, a bottle of wine and the company of each other.

Which character trait of the other are you jealous of?
Emma: Lenny always has something to talk about, and it just so happens to always be something rather fascinating or funny. I am not quite such a storyteller myself, I am more the type who asks questions and listens. Every time I bring Lenny to meet my friends she ends up talking while all of us are intently listening to Madame. Sometimes her sense of humour even gets one of us off our chair, falling right off it from hysterical laughter… In moments like these I am so proud that she is mine.

When was the last time you cried?
Lenny: I had woken up after a good night of partying when I noticed Emma putting on her shoes, as she had to go to a meeting. I suddenly broke down in tears, it was simply too early and I was too hungover to be able to handle it…

‘’At the beginning we were all secretly sneaking around, we went out together and kissed without anyone knowing.’’

What would you do if you won the lottery tomorrow?
Both: We’d pack our bags and go on a trip to South America or South East Asia; in any case we would travel to places with beautiful beaches, light blue water and plenty of cocktails. After our trip we would buy a vineyard in Spain, where we’d make our own wine and grow old together.



Has your relationship changed you as people? In other words, do you think your partner has a (positive) effect on you? If so, can you elaborate on what specifically?
Lenny: She made me a more peaceful person; I never have to prove myself to her. She really encourages me to do stuff and not let anything stop me. Emma is someone who does what she wants and really follows her dreams, and that – of course – really affects me in a positive way. Also, being madly in love is affecting me each and every day.

When was the last time you were extremely proud of your partner?
Lenny: Two weeks ago when Emma was DJ-ing at a party. It actually was her first real booking and she did such a good job. I had goose bumps from all the love and pride I felt for her that moment.

Do you have a favourite song together? If so, what is it?
Emma: ‘Niemand – Ronnie Flex.’
Lenny: I’ve sent this to Emma before we were actually in a relationship, as it reminded me of us so much. At the beginning we were all secretly sneaking around, we went out together and kissed without anyone knowing. That is also what the song is about.