Amsterdam,  2015

Amsterdam,  2015

Donata & Daim

Karen met Donata and Daim in Amsterdam, just before they moved to Berlin where they have lived ever since, chasing their musical dreams together. Here they remember this special shoot with Karen for us… 

“When Karen took these pictures of our ‘young love’ we were about to commence an exciting adventure. We had planned on moving to Berlin in order to write and record the debut album of the duo we had just formed: NOSOYO. We both finished studying music at the Conservatory of Amsterdam and were excited to start our musical journey together, as colleagues and as a couple, in a new city.

Now, three years later, looking at these photos, brimming with energy, it takes us straight back to the emotions we felt that very day. A mix of curiosity, gaiety and trust. We have come a long way since then and we can proudly say that our first album, entitled 'Resonate', is now finished and released!

Most of the pictures were taken in a private and very spacious loft near the city center of Amsterdam; there was a lot of room for movement, which we totally made use of and we think really shows in the pictures. The atmosphere of starting that new chapter in our lives was all over us and thus it clearly reflects in the photographs. Thank you, dear Karen, for this beautiful memory!’’