Amsterdam, 2015

Amsterdam, 2015


Meet the lovely couple Chino & Jasja, who are both members of Indian Askin, a terrific band. They not only rock on stage, they also rock when it comes to love!

 “It is almost a year ago that Karen took our pictures for Young Love. I remember that we were quite excited since we had just come back from a weekend of partying on Best Kept Secret Festival and Karen was heavily pregnant at the time… But there was nothing to worry about, the shoot went so incredibly smooth and it was also really nice working with Karen. We both love the entire Young Love series simply because it feels so genuine, the beauty and intimacy of all the couples is so wonderfully portrayed. Even though the pictures Karen took of us that day are almost one year old, still we secretly cuddle like that every day on that very same couch.

I suppose what makes our relationship special is that we are really good together in all different situations. We also don’t necessarily find it difficult to play together in a band, as many people would think. When we are with the band, we are with the band - easy!”