Amsterdam, 2015

Amsterdam, 2015


Karen met this adventurous couple a while back and captured a very special moment for them as they just started living together. Fast forward and they are currently rocking a long distance relationship, which is not holding them back from being the wonderful duo we got to know during the shoot. Here they tell us more about how their relationship has developed since we last met.

 ‘’Karen captured a very special moment for us, as we just started living together. The pictures were taken in our new fresh home, in our own bed. We just came back from a big adventure together, as we travelled six months through Indonesia, South-Africa, Argentina and Colombia. When we came back from our trip we started thinking about a grown-up life together with a home and the base for a good carrier.

However, 2,5 years later we still felt the need for adventure. So Daan quit his job as a doctor and started working as a surf doctor on a boat in Indonesia. It was the first time we were separated for such a long time, so it was a complete new experience for us. Of course we have had some hard times, as you both live a different life on the other side of the world. Besides, the time difference and the bad connection on the boat made it hard for us to talk to each other.

But it doesn’t stop us from being a team. We try to look for new adventures whenever we are together. Last year we refurbished a car ourselves and travelled through New Zealand together, which was amazing…

We would love to have our lives more together again with lots of adventure. On the other hand we feel kind of pressured to live up to the norm and start a more serious life with a good job, a house and children. But for now we just enjoy our lives and we’ll see what will cross our path.’’