Copenhagen , 2016

Copenhagen , 2016


Young Lovers Camille & Louis met each other in a dusty bar in Denmark. Their love however is anything but dusty… They both lead busy lives and work as models on the side. They also love to retreat to their very own secret spot in the heart of Northbridge, Copenhagen. 

What do you do?
Louis: We both work as models, part-time.

How and where did you meet each other?
Camille: In a dusty bar at the fish market.

'She is too cute… I simply can’t get mad at her'

Do you have a special place, or a place you call a “second home” where the two of you like to hang out and retreat to?
Camille: Yes, we have our own little secret spot right in the heart of Nørrebro (Northbridge, Copenhagen).

Camille & Louis


What is the most annoying thing about your boy- or girlfriend?
Louis: She is too cute… I simply can’t get mad at her.

 Who is your partner’s Hollywood dream dinner/drink date?
Louis: She likes Emma Stone a bit too much, so she would be a pretty good guess. I would like to take George Clooney out for a drink.

What would you do if you won the lottery tomorrow?
Camille: Give 90% to people who need it a lot more than us, and use the rest for a really nice holiday.

 What is your definition of love?
Both: Freedom

Do you have a favourite song together? If so, what is it?
Both: We have a new one every month, it always changes…