Berlin,  2017

Berlin,  2017


Karen met this extraordinary couple while on a trip in Berlin. Besides lovers they are working together as a photographer duo and are launching their very own beach brand this summer...

How and where did you meet?
Arthur: We met on a very cold night, when the canals in Amsterdam were deeply frozen. I saw Bamboo walking out of a door and I instantly recognized her from some photos I had seen of her earlier. We then landed at a house party of her best friend just around the corner. And that’s where it all started.

What do you love most about your partner?
Arthur: She is not your typical “girly girl”, but tough and sexy at the same time.
Bamboo: He has a strong and positive character. For him there are no obstacles or limits in life, he is not afraid of the unknown. Aside from that, he also looks super-hot and is really sexy.

What is the best thing of being together with your partner?
Both: Everything is more fun together: the small and the great things in life. Sleep, eat, party, travel, have sex... We are so lucky that we can even work together as a photographer duo. We have made our first book and taken it as an inspiration for our beach brand, which we will be launching this summer.

Life without love would be ...