Amsterdam, 2016

Amsterdam, 2016


Amsterdam locals Denise and Aldo met in University, started dating on Facebook and found out they have more in common than they figured… Meet the lovely FOAM intern and student, Denise, and her adoring boyfriend, Aldo, who studies Cultural and Social Development and is a videographer. 

Where does this love story of the two of you start?
Denise: We met during introduction week at the university and soon thereafter we started talking via Facebook. We discovered that we both travelled to Tomobon in Indonesia, which is where my family lives and Aldo’s father actually also lived for a short while.

At what moment did you know you were in love?
Denise: After a couple of months, after we had been seeing each other quite often. It all felt very exciting, easy and simply effortless.

What is a special place for you that feels like a second home?
Aldo: Oriëntal City (Amsterdam)

How would you describe each other in four words?
Aldo: Dim Sum, Cool, Social
Denise: Ambitious, funny, sweet and loyal


When’s the last time you cried?
Aldo: When I found out my mom had cancer.
Denise: Last Monday, when I went to see the movie "Moonlight".

'Feeling like you’re home. Feeling totally safe and knowing 100% that you are with the right person.'

What’s the most annoying trait of the the other person?
Aldo: Denise can quickly change her moods.
Denise: Aldo sometimes thinks he knows it better, when he doesn’t.

What would you do together if you would win the lottery tomorrow?
Both: We would go to Gangga Island for a week, or two, maybe three.


Has your relationship changed you as a person? 
Aldo: Denise always has a really nice view on life. Because of her I started to value the small things in life.
Denise: I think that I became more productive and active since we’re together. Aldo is very ambitious and it’s contagious.

Which emoji do you send eachother most often?
Aldo: The heart and the kiss.
Denise: The heart emoji.

What’s your definition of love?
Denise: Feeling like you’re home. Feeling totally safe and knowing 100% that you are with the right person. And being able to laugh with each other.