JIP & RAMON, Amsterdam, 2017

JIP & RAMON, Amsterdam, 2017


Following the overwhelming success of Young Love, Karen Rosetzsky’s first book, Karen set out to continue her journey surrounding her favourite subject, and has brought a new chapter of Young Love to life: YOUNG LOVE STORIES is an online platform entirely dedicated to Young Love. 
Filled to the brim with Karen’s magical images of young lovers from all across the globe, Young Love Stories aims to look a little further and will grant you access and insights into the upside-down world of young couples. 
Featuring intimate interviews, fun stories and never before seen out-takes, Young Love Stories promises to become a titillating account of this most unifying power – love.



Young Love is Karen Rosetzsky’s first book, and as the title would suggest, is all about... ‘young love’. The book is an eclectic mix of all sorts of different stories and people, joined together in a pattern that is Karen’s incomparably raw and emotional sense of photography. Picture after picture shows an entirely personal insight into the magical world that is ‘young love’. That all-consuming, overwhelming moment filled with tenderness and desire, when nothing else seems to matter and you appear to love to the point of madness. That’s the moment we all dream we could capture, and once gone, strive forever to relive.

Released in autumn 2015 by HALAL, the agency behind Karen, Young Love instantly received a tremendous amount of attention, far exceeding all expectations. Within weeks of being released, the book was picked up and sold by some of the world’s most renown stores, amongst them Colette and Urban Outfitters, and brands such as Topshop, Yves Saint Laurent Beauty, i-D, GQ, Jalouse, Vogue and Huffington Post endorsed it. Young Love’s success ensured the book is by now in its 3rd print run, distributed by Thames & Hudson (EU) as well as ACC (USA) and it turned Karen Rosetzsky into an internationally known, household name. 

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Karen Rosetzsky is a Danish fashion and lifestyle photographer based in Amsterdam, represented by HALAL.
Her signature of extraordinarily energetic images that are filled with an abundance of love, a touch of Rock ‘n Roll and that feeling of belonging, has made her an international household name. Karen’s ability of keeping a fine balance between depicting an honest and genuine story, letting it breathe enough for all the magic to appear naturally, yet at the same time knowing just how much direction is needed in order to equip it with that ultimate layer of heavenly light luxury, is a rare one. A fine line that Karen has perfected over the years and really made it her own.

Karen’s client list of 2016 alone includes brands such as Calvin Klein, Vogue, Tommy Hilfiger, Uber, Piper-Heidsieck and Yves Saint Laurent, to name but a few.